Kingspan High R-value Phenolic Insulation for Basements

Originally published by: KingspanSeptember 17, 2019

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Kingspan recently introduced Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board, a premium performance insulation product used for interior exposed application on basement, crawlspace, attic and habitable space walls. With an R-value of 8-1/2 per inch, it has a higher R-value per inch than any commonly used insulation.

Insulation Boards installed with glass fiber tissue facing the interior of the attic or crawl space may be used for walls and ceilings of attic or crawl spaces without an ignition barrier required by IBC Section 2603.4.1.6, or IRC Sections R316.5.3 or R316.5.4, when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Entry to the attic or crawl space shall be only to service utilities and no storage is permitted. Utilities include, but are not limited to, mechanical equipment, electrical wiring, fans, and gas or electric hot water heaters and furnaces.
  2. There shall be no interconnected attic or basement areas.
  3. Air in the attic or crawl space shall not circulated to other parts of the building.
    1. Attic ventilation shall be provided when required by IBC Section 1202.2 or IRC Section R806, as applicable.
    2. Under-floor (crawl space) ventilation is provided that complies with IBC Sections 1202.4 or IRC Section R408.1, as applicable.
  4. Combustion air shall be provided in accordance with IMC (International Mechanical Code) Section 701.
  5. The insulation is limited to a maximum thickness of 4-3/4 inches (120 mm).

Finally, Kingspan K9 is NFPA 286 compliant, has a Class A flame spread rating and is easy to handle and install.