TPSX Streamlines Digital QC Measure to Manage Approach

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineAugust 11, 2020
by Molly E. Butz


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SBCA has recently released the first version of its TPSX file format. The purpose of this new industry-specific file is to gather all of the information necessary to ensure that SBCA’s Digital QC program has the data it needs to produce valuable management reporting CMs can use to evaluate issues, improve in-plant processes and elevate the overall quality of their components. With efficient data incorporation from the truss design software, truss inspections are quick, accurate and objective.

TPSX file format supporting digital QC document

Currently, each truss design software outputs QC information in a different format. The TPSX will include both the basic component and specific quality control information in a standardized format, regardless of truss design software. This consistent file information will allow the Digital QC program to quickly access the data needed to execute an inspection. The goal is to perform more inspections in less time and more efficiently process information from the truss design software.

SBCA IT Committee Chair, Greg Dahlstrom is excited about the possibilities. “The final product is a result of several months of collaboration between SBCA’s IT Committee and Strike Force 1,” Greg said. “Streamlining the input for the Digital QC program will take both the program and the industry to the next level.”

The TPSX is based on the existing TPS file output, supported by all major software providers, and its readability via plain text editors for simplicity. This format provides SBCA with a single integration to manage and implement into Digital QC, while providing software suppliers a single output that follows a known industry approach and is intended to streamline output across platforms.

A person holding an IPad and looking at the digital QC program

SBCA is pleased to make the first version of the TPSX available for review and early implementation. “We’re looking forward to the momentum the TPSX file will bring to the Digital QC program,” Greg said, “it’s the catalyst we’ve needed to push component manufacturing into a new phase.” Learn more about the process and final output in the TPSX white paper. You can also download the Specification Details, JSON Schemata, and Sample Trusses [ZIP] from the SBCA website.