Allied Systems: Remote QA Inspections More Effective & Personal

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJune 7, 2020
by Molly Butz


“I felt like the remote inspection made it really easy to work through the information and it was great having all three of us together,” says Tim Young, design/QC manager for Allied Systems Corporation about his first remote experience with Allied team member Steven Ortiz and SCBRI inspector, John Arne. “Previously, when an inspector would show up onsite, our busy schedule meant we didn’t always have the opportunity to work together. Now, remote inspection gives us more time to communicate as a group.”

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Initially implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SBCRI’s remote third-party quality assurance (QA) inspections have quickly become one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain an accredited quality assurance program.

Like the series of Zoom meetings taking place throughout the country since mid-March of this year, SBCRI third-party inspections have been conducted like a Zoom meeting. This innovative adaptation of the traditional in-person inspections has given a leading-edge advantage to participants in SBCRI’s program while utilizing readily available technology. Mobile phones and a videoconferencing services make remote inspections easily accessible while increasing the personal touch, discussing continuous improvement concepts, efficiently providing more information depth and mutual coaching to make the entire process the best it can be for CMs and SBCRI.

“Our first remote inspection was very helpful and very smooth. [John] took a lot of time with us, he even “walked the yard” with us on the Zoom meeting,” Tim explains. “It was just seamless.”

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Steven, Allied’s quality control (QC) inspector, agrees. As members of the SBCA Digital QC beta testing group, SBCRI inspectors have fast, easy, integrated access to their data through the Digital QC database. “The inspection went really well and, because John could review all of our data digitally, it was a real time-saver to not have to print all of the paperwork I would have previously,” Steven recalls. “Even my part was all right there on the tablet.”

The team at Allied takes quality very seriously, it’s a palpable part of their culture, so it’s no surprise they’re excited about their remote inspections. “I like knowing someone is taking a second look,” says Steven. “Sometimes they see something we didn’t do or catch something we accidentally skipped over. Those are good things for us to learn and the QA certification looks great on our paperwork.”

“From a quality standpoint, third-party inspection is big,” Tim explains, “and it’s important to our clients knowing we’re held to higher standards than our competition.” Allied’s experience is that being an SBCRI QA Licensee makes a good impression in the field. “And it’s definitely better than saying ‘we inspect our own trusses.’”

“Every one of our employees respects and appreciates that they are working in an environment where they are expected to produce quality products,” Tim says. For him, Steven and the entire team at Allied, the bottom line is that it’s important to be able to say they build quality trusses and their participation in SBCRI’s program is the thorough, integrated, seamless approach they need to set them apart from their competition.

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