BFS, CTF and ATS Praise Experience with Digital QC

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJuly 14, 2020
by Karlee Wegehaupt


Josh Dermer, of American Truss Systems (ATS), Mike Honeycutt, of Builders FirstSource (BFS), and Wyatt Stroder, of California TrusFrame (CTF) have been using SBCA’s Digital QC program since it first launched. Working alongside SBCA staff, they have helped troubleshoot and iron out the kinks during the program’s rollout in order for it to reach its current state, where it can now be easily adopted by any plant. 

During a recent SBCA Webinar, the three discussed the benefits of the program and potential changes participants might make, with the biggest takeaway being how drastically their QC inspections have improved with the program’s use. 

Inspection report for digital qc

Automatically generated reports provide detailed insights into in-plant quality processes.

Josh, who is both QC manager and a designer, says the QC process at their plant used to take a significant amount of time, but can now be accomplished in just a number of minutes. “We produce stuff pretty quick. Me being the designer as well, I don’t have a lot of time to waste,” says Josh. “I have everything there on my tablet with me, and I can pull my truss up instantly, find whatever joint I want to look at, do the QC, snap a picture, move on. I’m done in a matter of minutes, versus 30 to 35 minutes per truss [under the paper system].”

Aside from the time savings, Wyatt praises the fact that QC reports no longer require physical tracking, adding that he is eager for the day he will no longer share his desk with the big box of QC reports from the year prior. “I think the biggest part that was probably everybody’s biggest headache was that you have to file all of the paperwork,” says Wyatt. “Then, you gotta keep it somewhere for a long period of time,” he remarks.

Better data for better quality control with SBCA's digital qc programThe program also streamlines QC management when handling reports at multiple plants. Mike, who oversees QC at several BFS locations, anticipates how the precision and speed of SBCA’s Digital QC will simplify his monitoring process once he is able to train other plants on how to use the program. 

“The accuracy and being able to record keep is a big deal. With the digital [program], you have instant access to any trusses you’ve inspected,” Mike says. He also appreciates the improvement he has seen in the speed of SBCA’s side of the QC reporting process. “Since I’ve took on this job, now I’m reporting on roughly 57 locations that do QC with SBCA, where you guys handle the reports for us,” he says. “SBCA getting the information back to us in a timely manner has definitely improved 200% over the last year. This [digital QC program will] make it even faster.”

The panelists were asked, “What would you say your initial time investment was to learn how to use the program?”

“All of about 20 minutes,” responds Josh. “Anybody that’s ever used a computer before should be able to pick the program up in a matter of minutes. [After] one QC on one truss, you should know how to run the program.”

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of SBCA’s new Digital QC program and become a beta test location yourself, please contact Ashley Widmer by email or at 608-310-6772.

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