Eric Eversgerd Launches Spark Consulting

Originally published by: Spark ConsultingJuly 28, 2020

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Spark Consulting launches supply chain management services specifically geared toward structural building component manufacturers. This new firm brings more than two decades of industry experience to bat for its clients by helping them strategically purchase connector plates, software, engineering, and machinery.

Prices for connector plates have increased over 100% since Spark Consulting’s president, Eric Eversgerd, started his career 25 years ago. With only a handful of vendors to choose from, component manufacturers can feel like they have no option for better terms or pricing. Spark Consulting was established to change this status quo. The firm provides vendor negotiation, equipment planning, and technology planning to train clients to get what they really need from vendors.

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“I have always had a passion for better outcomes than the norm,” said Eversgerd. “In my 25-year career, I worked as a vendor advocate and customer-focused leader. I have worked with hundreds of component manufacturer owners and managers who have not been able to properly engage their suppliers on pricing and terms. This usually leads to a company paying more or having less attractive terms than their industry peers or competitors.”

Spark Consulting is a valuable resource for any component manufacturer, whether or not it has a dedicated supply chain department. The firm provides a third-party perspective on what best fits the manufacturer’s needs.

“Imagine communicating with your vendors with more understanding, more experience, and more insight,” said Eversgerd. “Spark Consulting provides component manufacturers with this advantage.”

About Spark Consulting
Spark Consulting is a dedicated supply chain management resource for structural building component manufacturers. We develop your company’s plan for doing business with vendors and train your team to claim their power as the customer in those relationships. Learn more about us at