Blenker Praises Cycle Time Improvement with Floor Panels

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJune 10, 2020
by Karlee Wegehaupt


Workers installing floor panels.

Years ago, the Blenker family decided to add floor panels to their component manufacturing business. Soon after the decision, Jason Blenker says they were all left thinking, “Why didn’t we get into this 20 years ago?” Today, at Blenker Companies, Inc.--a Wisconsin component manufacturing company that recently merged with former competitor Drexel Systems-- Jason says that workers save considerable time by providing the entire framing pack for a job. 

To that end, Jason noted that CMs often shy away from floor panel manufacturing due to the transportation costs associated with “hauling a lot of air.” However, he responds to this skepticism of the floor panel business by saying the sheer time savings floor panel offers on the jobsite has proven they are more than worth the added transportation cost.

Stacks of floor panels on a truck.

“There’s more savings in floor panels in time out on the job site than wall panels,” he says. “There’s a lot of time saved in the duration of the home being built, and it’s less time that it’s exposed to the elements, so it’s really about [cycle] time.”

Jason stresses that one of his team’s primary focuses is to challenge themselves to add value and efficiency in order to make their products better--whether that’s through design, production, or vertical integration of the manufacturing process. Floor panels are just one extension of that mentality.

“This building isn’t about us, ultimately it’s about the homeowner that’s gonna live there, so how can we integrate as much of that as possible into our process?”

You can find Jason Blenker’s full interview on the SBCA Component Connection Podcast.