Video: Builder Uses Latest Building Science for Foundation

Originally published by: Fine HomebuildingJuly 27, 2016

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The 2016 Fine Homebuilding (FHB) House is energy-smart, connected, healthy, and durable. It’s small and sensible. Most of all, it’s a valuable model home, meant to educate designers and builders who aspire to create high-performance houses that are exceptional in their quality, comfort, and style.

FHB House builder Mike Guertin and designer Michael Maines conceived of the project’s foundation with buildability, water management, and thermal performance in mind. In this video, Guertin explains his approach to the construction of the foundation from forming the footings to installing the final drainage membrane. Using a combination of insulated concrete forms, rigid foam, and a host of waterproofing products, the team was able to construct a foundation with above-average performance attributes that can be replicated easily by any builder.

Find more details about the construction of the FHB House foundation: