SBCA Membership Ratifies Extended Terms

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineNovember 10, 2020
by Jess Lohse


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SBCA’s membership overwhelmingly supports 2020/2021 board resolution to extend Executive Committee member terms by one year. The resolution stems from conflicts between SBCA and its management company. In light of ongoing budget constraints brought on by COVID-19 and the cancelation of BCMC 2020, SBCA’s Executive Committee performed a deep dive on SBCA’s financials. It recognized areas for improvement within SBCA operations and items SBCA could self-perform better than contracting to a third party management company. 

The extended terms for SBCA Executive Committee members allow them to see the conflict to a full resolution and help transition SBCA management to its own employees over the next several months. Rather than burdening a new leadership team with the ongoing conflict, SBCA’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Membership all felt the current team should see these conflicts through to resolution. 

Per the approved resolution, Mike Ruede will continue as SBCA President for another year, Greg Griggs will continue as Immediate Past-President, Gene Frogale as President-Elect/Treasurer and Jeff Taake as Secretary. At-large Executive Committee members Joe Hikel, Scott Ward, Steve Stroder, and Roger Helgeson will also continue their terms by one year. 

If you have questions about the extended terms or any of the ongoing changes with SBCA feel free to reach out to Jess Lohse, SBCA’s Executive Director at or President Mike Ruede at