Alpine Bolsters Software to Improve Information Sharing

Originally published by: AlpineFebruary 2, 2021
by John Croll, Software Portfolio Manager

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Component manufacturers (CMs) are continually challenged with improving communication with customers and collaboration between teams. It is essential for design and production teams to receive live updates regarding orders, project lead times, and ongoing trends to operate at full capacity. Sharing this information with customers can help build partnerships and provide a competitive advantage. There is no shortage of tools to help generate data. The challenge is ensuring the data ends up in the right hands, correct format, and in a timely manner. Although many software products provide effective interfaces for regular users to see needed information, they tend to fall short when it becomes necessary to share this information externally with customers or with individuals without software access.

Improving Communication & Collaboration

The release of the Alpine Portal is moving the Component Manufacturing industry one step closer to improving collaboration, business analytics, and communication. The Alpine Portal provides CMs the ability to quickly share and analyze data. It’s a secure, web-based platform that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. All you need is an internet browser. Users are able to publish interactive 3D models to maximize design time spent with customers while tracking valuable Alpine data.

Share Interactive 3D Models

Communication is enhanced with the ability to share interactive 3D models. Quickly and securely share layouts with your customers by publishing 3D models directly from the IntelliVIEW Suite. Recipients of the “share” link can view the 3D model using an internet browser, eliminating the need to install additional software. They can easily interact with the model, controlling the visibility of specific levels and elements. This helps builders accurately visualize the components they are ordering and provides an important opportunity for feedback before production. The Alpine Portal also offers a competitive advantage in bidding while helping eliminate costly errors and callbacks.

A 3D model from Alpine

3D model uploaded to Alpine Portal and shared with any email address – toggle visibility of elements, view individual trusses, and snap 3D dimensions.

Better Business Analytics

The Portal also offers a complete set of business analytic tools, allowing CMs to visualize relevant trends, track KPIs, and access their Alpine data in real-time from anywhere. A sales manager, for example, can easily track and visualize the volume of incoming business per salesperson by month. Leveraging Microsoft’s cutting edge PowerBI technology, CMs can view their business data in a way that is meaningful and actionable. Relevant data, generated by IntelliVIEW design software, is transformed into actionable business intelligence and presented to users with a simple, modern interface. Customizable dashboards can be created from scratch or from a template to display trackable KPIs with real-time data.  Sales professionals will also have timely access to job information while on the road, and owners can keep tabs on their business from any mobile device. Alpine Portal Analytics puts information in the hands of those that need it, when they need it.

Alpine KPI dashboard

KPI driven dashboard updates in real-time. Track the volume of incoming business per salesperson, among many other possibilities.

The Alpine Portal is a simple, secure, and innovative tool to provide CMs better access to data. Alpine strives to make CMs more efficient and competitive, and this new product is an innovative means to that end. Contact your local Alpine Sales Representative for a free demo or more information.