Infographic: The Factors Driving Lumber Costs

Originally published by: John Burns Real Estate ConsultingMarch 5, 2021
by Tim Seims and Todd Tomalak

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Editor’s Note: Lumber costs have reached all-time highs for component manufacturers and the infographic below from John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) succinctly illustrates how it got here. As a note to this graphic, JBREC states, “Lumber prices are…driven by surging demand amid a supply chain coordination squeeze, production limitations and a pesky beetle…We expect lumber prices will remain elevated into 2022, but lower than today’s extreme rates. Capacity takes time to bring online.” SBCA would like to better understand and quantify the actual raw material cost increases CMs are confronting in today’s market. This information will help us develop future advocacy and education strategies. If you have received a material increase letter or realized a loss on a job due to material increases, please share it with us at

An infographic showing the rising of lumber prices