Building Science

New developments have been made in the study of transparent wood, which first made waves in March 2016 when Swedish researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology discovered that they were able to remove the lignin in wood, the molecule that makes it rigid and dark in color, and replace it with epoxy.

If you missed this week’s Roofing Day, the 2019 Insulation Industry National Policy Conference on May 21-22, 2019 offers a second opportunity to network with members from the insulation industry, meet with legislators to discuss our industry’s policy priorities, and learn from experts on a variety of topics.

The last nail driven into wood-fibre panel insulation in a home in British Columbia could mark a new standard in building construction for the Canadian homebuilding industry, while ushering in a new era of green, sustainable, and high-performance building insulation for residential and commercial structures.

No matter how carefully it is applied, siding is probably going to leak at some point in its service life. The layer beneath the siding—the water-resistive barrier, or WRB—is what will protect the plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing from any water that sneaks in.

When building or renovating a structure, selecting insulation is a key step in achieving goals for energy efficiency and occupant comfort. During this process, it’s important to consider the building’s age, size, location, climate and current building codes.

Creating a functional living space for homeowners is an essential job of professional builders. That’s only half the responsibility, though, as they must also build homes that are structurally sound and provide protection from the elements. New housewrap and sheathing products aim to meet both needs while reducing labor burdens and ensuring the safety of the house.

Equipped with the latest tools and technology available, the innovative medical practice known as Urology of Virginia has a long history of diagnosing and treating all urological conditions with the highest quality of care. Over the years, this commitment has resulted in a larger number of patients, requiring the practice to expand their Virginia Beach facilities to service a growing community.

There are tons of attractive elements investors can add to a commercial property. Technology, connectivity and modern appeal are often at the top of the list, and not without good reason. But before spending money to optimize the inner workings of a building, make sure you’re taking proper care of the exterior.

Noel Robinson Architects specified architectural wall panels from Kingspan Insulated Panels for the Novotel project in Brisbane to meet thermal performance and fire safety objectives.

Although aerogel is costly, in expensive cities like Zurich the gain in interior square footage (and its attendant profitability) more than compensates for the additional price while providing long-term energy efficiency.