Building Science

Prior to designing waterproofing for a new building, the architect is faced with a plethora of questions. The initial question is “Where do you want the waterproofing to be installed?”

On Monday, March 25th, come and learn about available options and best practices in high performance residential systems from one of the leading building science firms in the nation.

Learning from industry experts John Straube, Keith Nelson and Holley Henderson, this seminar hosted by ROCKWOOL will focus on designing better buildings through building science, fire safety, and sustainable design.

The task of assembling the components of framing, cladding, insulation, structural sheathing, and various control layers into a durable, cohesive system is a similar balancing act, but there are solutions.

Demilec Inc. announced their Heatlok HFO High Lift and Heatlok HFO Pro are now radon gas resistant and can be used in place of a conventional polyurethane membrane barrier to mitigate risk of radon incursion.

OSBlock is a really interesting structural system invented and manufactured in Quebec. Basically, it is a sandwich of two layers of expanded polystyrene foam with a filling of four layers of Oriented Strand board (OSB) 12" high by 8' long.

The Accella team has officially announced a major rebranding of their spray foam business, which will now be identified as Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI). What is the reason for rebranding the legacy company and their multiple brands, and how will it benefit spray foam customers?

In an Omnibus Survey of Builders fielded by Home Innovation in December, we asked, “What are your biggest challenges in constructing homes to meet current energy codes?” We received 250 write-in, unaided responses that provide insight into difficulties many builders are having.

Nowadays it’s common to see other kinds of WRBs on commercial products such as peel-and-stick, fully self-adhered membranes, spray applied membranes, and so forth. 

Four shipping containers have been brought together, stacked in a two-by-two arrangement, and is soon to be the family home of Jaime Turner in Calgary, a province in Canada.