Building Science

Keywords for insulating these days are “air sealing” and “thermal envelope performance” prevent air and moisture from moving through the walls and ceilings. In the olden days, I think these were referred to as “drafts.”

A big driver of that innovation is something called cellulose nanofibers, or nanocellulose.

The 2019 Summit will be held in the Washington, D.C. metro area (Arlington, VA) July 10-11, with pre-conference activities starting on July 9.

DowDuPont Inc. has sold the European arm of its Styrofoam-brand extruded polystyrene insulation business, including seven production plants, to materials supplier Ravago Group

New PermaBase CI Insulated Cement Board™, a composite cement board that combines the strength and benefits of PermaBase with rigid insulation to create an ideal substrate for exterior finishes, was introduced earlier this year.

Join fellow roofing industry professionals in Washington, D.C., as we take our message to Capitol Hill! It is important members of Congress see you and hear from you about the critical issues facing your company.

In laying a foundation for success and in planning for the unforeseeable, SPF contractors should always carefully consider which spray foam supplier they have in their corner. Outlined below are the Seven Rounds defining the right partnership for running a championship business.

Recessed window openings can be flashed with liquid-applied flashings or with peel-and-stick membrane flashing. Regardless of which membrane system you use, these guidelines will keep you out of trouble most of the time.

Integrating continuous insulation with traditional building methods is much easier than it sounds.  Take tar paper for example.  Tar paper is historically the most common water resistive barrier (WRB) for residential construction.

It seems today that everybody wants to save the world. And who can blame us? Environmental awareness—and warnings—has reached an apex. We're all cognizant of our impacts on the planet and we're willing to minimize them.