SBCA Updates

Please save the date and join us for Operation Finally Home’s dedication of the two BCMC Build homes.

SBC Magazine is trying to get a better sense for the generational make up today's component manufacturer. Please take 30 seconds and complete this online survey.

The loyal and rapidly expanding readership of SBC Industry News has come to rely on this weekly email communication as a valuable source of pertinent information for the structural components industry.

SBCA and the Natural Frame Building Association (NFBA) will be providing framers with guidance on developing an effective installation and bracing plan for longspan trusses.

Recent ASTM E119 testing conducted independently by UL and NGC Testing Services provide compelling evidence that Exception 4 in the IRC-12 R501.3 and IRC-15 R302.13 should be amended out of the code.

As of January 15, 2016, Stark Truss Company, Inc. (Marysville, OH) and Kylmala Truss (Saginaw, MN) are certified users of SBCA In-Plant Wood Truss QC.

Spend a few days with fellow component manufacturers in historic Fort Worth, TX, as SBCA kicks off the new year with its first Open Quarterly Meeting on March 2-3.

The following video is a brief update to the membership from current SBCA President Jess Lohse (Rocky Mountain Truss).

SBCA would like to determe the interest level of the membership on different areas of industry testing.

SBCA recently conducted a member survey to ascertain component manufacturers’ perspectives on the value of SBCA programs, and gather feedback on ways to continue improving them. 

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