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BCMC 2016 Chair Jay Halteman  and SBCA 2016 President Jess Lohse don’t want you to miss out on all of the opportunities BCMC will provide this October 18-21 in Knoxville, TN.

With 100+ exhibitors from all over the world preparing to bring their very best to Knoxville this October, there are countless reasons to attend BCMC 2016.

Where can you get 700 customers in one place for 48 hours for less than it would cost to buy them each a cup of coffee? BCMC of course!

BCMC exhibitor registration is now open! Don’t miss your opportunity to save – early bird pricing ends May 1.

SBC Magazine is pleased to introduce an additional opportunity that will help suppliers to the structural components industry gain even more exposure with our over 4300 weekly SBC Industry News readers.

Over the past several months, DrJ Engineering has set a strong foundation of product certification and professional engineering support for our customers. 

Randek looks forward to discussing how we can serve you by bringing the future of truss and component manufacturing to your shop floor. Welcome to booth # 710 at the BCMC show!

In just two years, the NFC has witnessed a steady growth, covering 13 regions nationwide with Professional Framer Members doing business in more than 40 states. 

A roof truss assembly auction of grand proportions is taking shape in Aurora, Colorado as a wide selection of high-quality lots from Chase Lumber Roof Truss Assembly Division are about to hit the block.

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