Parting Shots


Parting Shots


Parting Shots - truss delivery on water

No, this isn’t the latest haul from a fishing expedition; it’s actually trusses on their way to a jobsite. Northwest Building Components, Inc. in Rathdrum, ID, designed, manufactured and delivered the trusses for this project expecting to drop them off at the jobsite, which was a fishing cabin. Only when the driver arrived at the delivery location, a boat dock, did he realize this wasn’t a run-of-the-mill delivery.

“The driver asked where the cabin was, to which the customer pointed to the other side of the lake, where there is no access…except by boat,” said Matthew Johnson, Design Manager at Northwest Building Components. The trusses were unloaded by hand and transported across the lake by the builder. “When we were told that the trusses would be brought to the jobsite by boat, we figured they had a flat top boat or a barge of some sort, but this is the backwoods of North Idaho,” joked Johnson.

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