Why Market Now?


Why Market Now?

Based on the BCMC 2016 Educational Session
"Presenting Framing the American Dream"
In many areas of the country, business is thriving. CMs have all the work their crews and plants can handle without drumming up new sales or making new connections in their marketplaces. Jess Lohse—president of Rocky Mountain Truss and 2015 president of SBCA—and Jason Blenker—president of Blenker Building Systems—say today’s boom is a perfect time to market components. 


“SBCA has developed an online library of tools that make it very easy for CMs to promote the benefits of their products, whether those products are roof trusses, wall panels or floor systems,” explained Lohse. A subscription to SBCA’s Component Marketing Toolbox provides access to an extensive variety of targeted marketing tools that you can mix and match to best pitch your products to potential customers.

The toolbox includes several videos and companion brochures, each tailored to either a builder or framer audience. A powerful online calculator relies on FAD data to estimate the time and material savings your component package can provide on a specific project. Another tool in the box is an expanding library of high-quality photos and infographics that you can use to polish your own marketing materials, like websites and sales flyers.

Planning to connect with building officials, the fire service or potential new hires? The toolbox has presentation templates and sample social media posts to help you share your message along with the research, testing and best practice information SBCA already provides.

“The toolbox materials make the argument for converting to your products so much easier,” said Blenker. “It takes the guesswork out of where to start with a builder or a framer, and it also has the benefit of coming from a nationally respected, objective third party, so the customer doesn’t have to take your word for it.”


“We all know that builders can’t find enough framing crews, and framers can’t find enough people with the skills necessary to do the job,” acknowledged Lohse. It’s clear then that the market is primed for the message that a crew using components can frame two houses or more in the time it takes to stick-frame one house. The FAD data, collected in multiple studies over two decades, clearly shows that component framing can help solve one of the biggest challenges builders and framers face.

“They key is to talk to a customer about doing more with less,” said Blenker. “Ask your builder customer if they’re able to build the number of houses they want to be building right now. Ask your framer customer if they’re able to say yes to their current customers as often as they’d like to. Most likely the answer in both cases is ‘no.’” Both Lohse and Blenker say it’s less about saving your customer money than enabling them to complete more projects and achieve their production goals.


“Almost everyone is busy right now, so it can be easy to want to put off efforts to cultivate customers and grow market share,” said Blenker. “Yet, this is the best time to be doing it because builders and framers are actively looking for solutions now. They won’t need your help when it slows down.” Blenker’s point is that the busiest time is the best time to market. That’s the time everyone is looking for ways to do more work with fewer resources, and components can help them do that. When business slows down, customers won’t be looking to their CM to help them build more, faster.

“I look at the FAD data and these marketing materials, and I also see new opportunities for my company,” said Lohse. “In Texas, these tools can help CMs convert builders from rafters to roof trusses, but for me in Montana, these are powerful tools to help me sell the benefits of wall panels. If I’m already doing a customer’s trusses, I could be selling them wall panels too.” In today’s market, every CM can be a hero to a builder or a framer—don’t pass up your chance! 

Review the BCMC handouts from this session, visit the SBCA website for details about the most recent FAD study or learn more about the CM Toolbox.