Parting Shots


Parting Shots

Congratulations to Cascade Lumber Company, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in May. Mike Noonan, Vice President of Marketing at Cascade, whose father started the company, shared these photos that give a glimpse of just how much the business and the SBC industry has transformed over the last six decades.

The first photo shows an early mishap the company encountered hauling lumber. Since there wasn't a rail line in town, employees from the lumber yard used to drive to a nearby city to load lumber by hand from the freight cars onto the truck. Unfortunately, the truck pictured here was overloaded and tipped across the street from where the Noonan family lived.

The second photo highlights Cascade's first forklift, which was actually a farm tractor.

Editor's Note: SBC Magazine will feature Cascade Lumber Company's 60 years of operation in its August issue.