Quality Trumps Quantity

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Quality Trumps Quantity

I recently talked with Gene Frogale (Allied Systems) and Jack Dermer (American Truss Systems) about their experiences at the International Builders Show (IBS) in January. They, like most attendees, were struck by the sheer enormity of it. Dermer said, “The IBS show is so big it’s overwhelming. Unless you’re there for a very specific thing, it’s easy to get lost.” In some ways, the impressive variety of products and services on display on the IBS show floor are simply a reminder of how difficult it is to build a collaborative community within that industry. “It’s almost too big,” agreed Frogale. “You need three full days just to take it all in and that’s hard to do.”

By contrast, the BCMC show is a much more straightforward endeavor. “During BCMC you get to meet practically everyone and can spend your time in relaxed conversation,” said Dermer. Walking the show floor at BCMC doesn’t take long, yet what it lacks in size it makes up for in cohesion. Frogale told me, “BCMC is much more intimate. By the end of the show you get the feeling all the exhibitors are your good friends.” Both agreed the greatest attributes of BCMC is the comradery it builds throughout the structural building components industry.

The unity in purpose BCMC engenders is never more evident than on the show floor. “I love the BCMC show because you learn so much from other CMs and suppliers about how emerging technologies are being used to improve business,” said Frogale. Dermer agreed, “I really enjoy the one-on-one discussions with peers and suppliers about the new technologies that are out there.”

Why do I bring this up? In January, SBC Magazine launched a new online publication, The Market Place. This digital magazine is intended to provide a year-round venue for exactly those kinds of BCMC show floor discussions. Its pages will include articles on trending issues like workforce development, popular topics in SBC Industry News and results from SBCA member polls. However, most of the content will originate with suppliers. Their content will focus more and more on sharing instances where CMs have found ways to improve upon what they do, replicating the discussions Frogale and Dermer indicated were of greatest value to them. Our hope is those case studies will spur further comments and stories from you, the reader.

Speaking of reading, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Four component manufacturers (CMs) tell you how they go about reducing injuries with a simple stretching regimen. The new online SBCA QC program is changing the way several CMs produce trusses for the better. And another CM has found a way to help his customers differentiate in the market through maximizing the use potential of flat roofs.